My Story

As I enter into a new phase of my life as a 50 year old woman, I find to my utter surprise that there are certain changes taking place within me, that are making me uncomfortable and always scratchy and itchy all over my body, as though there is a mysterious dryness that has taken over my entire being.

My skin suddenly is showing signs of drying out at a faster rate. I have tried everything available in the market, in an effort to regain my skin health, namely, soaps, body washes, body lotions, etc. that are available in the market, all in an effort to offset this process. Nothing seems to work!

I have thus realized that I had to increase the hydration levels of my skin, both internally and externally, to offset this detrimental trend. Increasing hydration internally was not an issue. The problem has always been, what to use externally to protect my skin?

That is when I made it my life’s mission to research and create special soaps and lotions, with the very best of ingredients from all over the world, that would protect my skin. So I created some body butters for my personal use…..and, this was the birth of Earth’s Bliss…the first experiment took a long time, and number-less experiments, before I finally hit the optimum mark, and was happy with the final quality…the rest is history. I realized then that this process of re-hydration and looking after the skin had to start from the time we step into the shower to take a bath. We sometimes forget that water washes off all our valuable oils, over and above the elements our exposed skin picks up from the harsh environment we are exposed to, when we go out.

Although soap-making has been a very ancient craft, the question before me, was what kind of body bars did I want to create, that would assist me with my focus areas, as stated before…. Being an animal activist and a member of PETA, a vegan….it became undeniably clear to me that I must put together products that are completely plant-based and vegan in their creation. None of my products would have any animal product or chemicals in them! This long research led me to create special products which I now personally use, with fantastic results, and which I would now like to share with the outside world, as well……

I will urge you to venture out and ride with me on this magical adventure of protecting your precious SKIN as well as this beautiful PLANET…..

Mitranee Chatterjee

Compassionately combining Earth’s best to bring endless bliss to your skin and soul...

Our Philosophy & Ingredients

Each of our products are from Mitranee’s own recipes, made with passion and purity in mind. We only use the best ingredients that are ethically sourced and are free of parabens, petroleum, sodium lauryl ether sulfate (SLES) Diethanolamine (DEA) and other harsh harmful chemicals.

The ingredients used in our products are Vegan and/or Kosher, EcoCert, COSMOS certified. The main base for the soaps is Extra Virgin Olive Oil combined with other exotic plant-based oils and butters.

Soaps are produced by cold process method. We are proud of the fact that our products are not tested on animals and are therefore cruelty-free! Our products are never mass produced. Therefore, each batch is unique and original! All our recipes are created keeping skin hydration and moisture retention in mind and are ideal to be used as a daily maintenance product. 
Skin is the largest organ in the body and therefore, will stay healthy when the right products are applied.

*Disclaimer: We do not make any claim that our products will heal any skin ailments. For any major skin ailments or allergies, please consult your physician prior to using Earth's Bliss products.

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